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Friday, December 6, 2013

Best Books of The Year

I wish that I could say that I'd read enough books to form a list deep enough to set aside a few for a best of the year category. Yes, I've chipped away at a few. And dusted off a few others that I've been meaning to read. Even made a stack of them within arm's reach of my favorite reading chair. Alas, no quiet time has developed for me to crack one open and let it compel me through it from cover to cover. I'm not even sure if I've been a home alone in the past year. No, maybe once but that was just to make sure that the dogs got outside.

While I have withstood a strong desire to visit a book store and add to the stack of books to read, I do enjoy reading the year-end reviews of the top books of the year. Here is one worth scanning through. It even makes a movie out of the dust jackets. Really it is more of a short video. Maybe you'll have time to at least watch it. Thanks to the New York Times Book Review team for curating this list.

So, yes a goal for 2014: Read more books.

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