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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goodbye Old Job. Hello New Job.

Adsoka helped launch a great new resource for the Twin Cities: HelloNewJob.com. The website is dedicated to opportunities in the creative, marketing and interactive industry. From entry-level positions to the savvy executive, HelloNewJob.com will be the singular resource for creative professionals.

Different from both general, local-oriented job boards like MinnesotaWorks.net and niche boards that cater to a specific audience, like Public Relations, HelloNewJob.com is specific by geographic area (the Twin Cities) and by industry—without any bias to a specific role, such as graphic designer.

"There is a frustration when you try to search for a position in marketing. Too often it becomes a long scroll through telemarketing and sales jobs, not a spotlight on positions for marketers with a capital 'M'," said Jason Inskeep, Principal at Adsoka. "HelloNewJob.com offers a hand-sourced job board that eludes fully automated sites. I really like the vision of this job board."

HelloNewJob.com allows job postings for free to hiring companies and managers. Chief project sponsor is True Talent Group. True Talent Group specializes in the same industry and market through short- and long-term staffing. HelloNewJob.com, while seemingly competitive with their business, is actually a "great venue to raise awareness for True Talent Group," according to Stacey Stratton, President of True Talent Group.

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