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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Greatest Gatsby

Last weekend marked the release of The Great Gatsby film remake. There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the release of the film based on the classic novel. After all, it’s a book that many of us read in high school English class and remember with fond memories. And the Twin Cities have always celebrated their Fitzgerald connection.

Naturally, book sales have jumped in anticipation of the premiere. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original novel was the top-selling book on Amazon.com Thursday, and it was the most coveted paperback from Barnes and Noble last week. The New York Times wrote about how stores have the option of carrying one or both covers for the novel: the traditional, purple cover art or a new version featuring the cast, almost like a movie poster.


Which one do you like the best? Some stores have already made their choice, as noted in the New York Times article.

Stores like Barnes & Noble with both offer both editions. But Walmart will carry only the movie tie-in edition. But most independent booksellers like McNally Jackson in SoHo, will only be offering The Great Gatsby in its original format.

"It’s just God-awful," Kevin Cassem, a bookseller at McNally Jackson, said of the new design. "The Great Gatsby is a pillar of American literature, and people don’t want it messed with. We’re selling the classic cover and have no intention of selling the new one."

Movie tie-in editions are issued regularly in the book business, but rarely has the contrast between two covers of the same title been so pronounced.
What do you think" Do you dig the modern cover or do you prefer to stick with tradition?

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