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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nautilus Defies Publishing Rules

Nautilus, a new publication centered around science, philosophy, sociology and psychology, aims to debunk all of the preconceived myths about how a magazine should be operated.

AudienceDevelopment.com (AD) featured Nautilus in a May 2013 article detailing how the new brand is almost reversing the process, focusing on online presence first and printing as a supplement.

“In traditional media, the Internet was always used as a marketing tool for the print product and we’re trying to reverse engineer that,” publisher John Steele said to AD. “We’re primarily online because it gives us an opportunity to utilize all of the tools the Internet has to offer, but we do want to have print because it’s a great marketing tool—people love to have a print magazine.”

The magazine, currently staffed with 12 employees, provides online content for free but is working to bring paid advertising into both mediums. As far as content, Nautilus will focus on a single topic each month with several formats, including long-form, shorter writing, interviews, interactive elements and fiction. Their first subject is “human interaction.”

It will be interesting to see how this situation develops, because there has been no singular cure for the struggle of print media trying to monetize digital content. Is the Nautilus model the answer?

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