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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cardboard Bicycle Costs $9 and Can Hold Over 400 Pounds

It's almost comical to think about: A $9 bicycle that is made out of cardboard and is suitable for most of the Earth's inhabitants to ride. It was a concept that took Izhar Gafni—a man who had already created pomegranate-peeling and shoe-sewing machines—three years to perfect.

But when you consider the benefits this could provide for developing nations, the benefits could be huge. Bicycles can get you going up to five times faster than walking, all with natural power. According to this article in Co.DESIGN, Gafni was still working to bring this model into production as of late 2012. 

Adsoka is highly appreciative of this sort of ingenuity, especially when it could conceivably change the way the world gets around. A vehicle made of a recyclable material that's available for the cost of a couple gallons of gas? Comment below with your thoughts on just how far this idea could go.

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