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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adsoka featured in Finance & Commerce for Online Collaboration Practices

Check out Finance & Commerce for an article by Elizabeth Millard that includes our very own Jason Inskeep sharing how Adsoka uses online collaboration to boost productivity.

Our office has an open floor plan, so it would be disruptive to have phones ringing or people shouting out between each other. Rather, we’ve adopted several Google tools to keep communication quick and quiet.

One of the utilities we use is Google Chat, the intuitive and free chat service that connects our entire team.

“I’m often ‘talking’ to three employees at one time, even though there’s no verbal communication heard,” says James Inskeep, Adsoka principal. “It cuts down on emails, ensures that needed information is communicated, and work isn’t interrupted.” -- Elizabeth Millard, “Tech Toolkit: Boost efficiency through online collaboration,” April 22, 2013 

Read the rest of the article to learn about how we use custom-built applications to organize and maintain our marketing database and day-to-day planning. Special thanks to Elizabeth for featuring us in the article.

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