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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Four-Day Work Week: More Offices Making Switch

A recent CNN article detailed the reasons why more offices are switching to a four-day work week instead of the traditional five-day set. As Peggy Drexler writes in "Why four-day workweeks are best," depending on the situation, the shortened weeks could be beneficial.

An idea hatched in the 1950s, the four-day week has been spreading more in the last decade. Examples include Utah state workers and a software company—both cited increased productivity and quality work with the shortened week.

Adsoka adopted the four-day week in early 2012. In an office where many projects are being worked on, a longer day allows us to keep going with fewer interruptions. From a client's perspective, we are able to visit their sites more and we do more efficient work for their company.

Other benefits include:
  • A recharged mindset for creatives. An extra weekend day does wonders.
  • Monday, the selected day off, serves as a natural time for personal appointments, check-ups and errands.
  • Less environmental impact. One less work day means less commuting, which results in reduced emissions and gas savings.
But wait, we're an agency with multiple clients... what happens if we need to be reached? Our customer-facing staff stays available. Normal and crisis communication needs happen on weekends too, so we designate staff coverage to care for these needs.

Share your ideas in the comment section below. Have you thought about what work might be like with a four-day week? Or do you have a success story to share?

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