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Monday, January 18, 2010

Adding Creative Value Award

Adsoka recently launched a new award program called Adding Creative Value. Learn more at http://www.addingcreativevalue.com. Why launch another creative arts design award? Well, we felt that there was something missing from the present awards landscape. Many awards recognize excellence that comes from experience and well-sized client budgets. Other awards programs seek a specific skill such as film, or outdoor, or digital sign, etc. Still others offer recognition to students within the framework of their school. Some contests take a look at a specific region.

The Adding Creative Value Award is focused on a specific time-frame in the career of a creative talent: their starting point. By being open to only those soon to, or recently graduated this award will spotlight emerging talent. It is less likely that this group will have mega-budgets at their disposal, so the work will be creative in both its end product and how the product was produced.

Since Adsoka opened in 2003 we have seen resumes and interest in our industry daily. Sorting through portfolios, deciphering resume details, deciding about informational interviews, internships and yes, even hires has been fun work for us, but so few of those sending in information have also enjoyed the process. So, we present the Adding Creative Value Award as an opportunity to get recognized for your work as students at the start of your career when it will impact your personal confidence, earning potential and stand-out-from-a-crowd potential the most. We have seen many talented students and know that there are many more.

We all feel that creative talent deserves great attention.

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